Freefalling into First Year


Angie Lu is a 1st year student completing a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts. With aspirations to teach high school students and explore the education system, she loves residing at the Women’s College and constantly learning from others.

My transition into university was a freefall into an abyss of newfound responsibilities and academic experiences. Never would I have anticipated such a steep learning curve but I couldn’t be more inspired by what’s happened so far.

The structure of my double Arts/Science degree means my first year timetable is mostly comprised of science units. Introductory mathematics courses are compulsory. However, by virtue of this fact (and the abundance of science students), you’ll never fail to find a study buddy or friend to bemoan the horrors of differential calculus. This kind of bonding and solidarity spawned relationships and academic experiences I now value very highly.

I was relieved upon discovering that 45% of the people in my biology lecture hadn’t completed a HSC Biology equivalent either. Thus, the beauty of first year biology is two fold. Firstly, the department constructs the course knowing exactly this fact. Secondly, the subject still accommodates for a spread of student abilities with challenging and achievable assessments. My academic results benefited from these understandings as well as the fantastic extra tutorials provided at the Women’s College.

I also had the opportunity to enroll in a unit of bioethics and was excited to explore the morality of scientific research and procedures. I utilised literacy skills even though thought processes were firmly grounded within the logic and factual realms of science. Structuring essays from this perspective was eye-opening and thoroughly enjoyable.

I’ve continued my mathematics and biology for semester 2 but have replaced bioethics with a unit of logic. Studying the laws of truth is looking promising with unusual but interesting content. However, being able to complete another philosophy perfectly marries my love for the arts and sciences. In particular, the sciences at The University of Sydney reiterate the importance of discipline and hard work. The support I’ve received from the Women’s College has provided both balance and guidance. This made it possible for me to push myself but enjoy my first year so far. As such, I genuinely look forward to the challenges and experiences to come.

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