SciMed Scientific Writing Workshop 2016

We are incredibly excited to announce our 2016 science writing workshop with the multi-award winner scientist Dr Danny Liu! Women’s College students across all stages and degrees are welcome to attend the workshop.

Dr Danny Liu is Senior Teaching Fellow at the Department of Science and Engineering at Macquarie University, and until 2014, he was a lecturer at Sydney Uni’s Faculty of Science. This is the second year running that Danny will be kindly presenting a writing workshop to SciMed – his presentation last year received excellent feedback! Having taught the notorious MBLG1X01 units, among many other undergraduate courses at Sydney, Danny knows the skills needed for students to succeed. He has received many teaching awards including Office of Learning and Teaching Award for Teaching Excellence and Vice Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Teaching.

The workshop will involve:
– Danny’s presentation
– Danny helping with students’ own writings
– Q & A with Danny on life as a scientist

Tuesday 5 April, 5 – 6pm

Main Common Room, The Women’s College

Your own drafts along with marking/assignment guidelines (if available)


Please find Danny’s presentation slides from last year here:

Click to access scimed-scientific-writing-by-dr-liu.pdf